On Violence In Ghana Politics

As insults fill the air as the 2012 parliamentary and presidential elections takes off next year, Ghanaians have started talking about this unfortunate situation and some have prescribed measures which must be applied to quell any possible electoral violence in the elections of next year. Here is what a few had to say about the problem:

FLORENCE OSEI (LATEBIOKORSHIE)“Firstly, there is an emerging attitude among the electorate which must not be tolerated if we really want to practice peaceful politicking in this country. There are some people who for some very strange reasons are no longer able to stand contrary view and would cast all manner of aspersions at you if you hold a different view from theirs. The very fact that I descend from a particular ethnic group does not mean that I should examine every issue based on that. We must move away from this attitude and begin to put much emphasis on the ability of one person or the other to deliver without this unnecessary reference to ethnic grouping whenever the discussion of development comes up. Why do we conveniently work and marry across ethnic groupings and tribes but when it comes to politics then we point fingers at tribes? This must stop now.”

We need to thank God protecting us throughout these years. It is important that we continue to let the fear of God live in us so that we do not resort to anything violent which would draw back the progress of our dear nation. We must continue to pray that the Almighty God would continue to grant our President and his officers the wisdom to continue to steer the affairs of the state. May the Almighty God continue to guide and shower bountiful blessings on his children as we go about our work and live in peace with each other. The politicians of this country must understand very clearly that it is God who makes kings and dethrones them. The sudden wailing and the chant for blood from a particular section of the public is not healthy and we need to discourage that. Lets not create violence where there is none. We would go for elections next year and we would decide who should rule this country.   We are the decision makers and that is final.” 

One of the most potent ways we can avoid violence in the politics or the elections of this country is to avoid the practice of multiple voting which takes place at every elections in this country. There are some people who feel they have every right to commit crimes with impunity and would do anything and everything just to have their way. This is why people who feel aggrieved would pick up arms. Elections must reflect on the view of the majority without any “kululu”. The seat of government can be occupied by one administration at a time and until the people decide otherwise that would be their decision and “all die would not be die”. Some deaths can be avoided and no man must die in our quest to choose our leaders.”

“Oh my son, I think we have done well for many years as a country. As you can see I am very old and all I pray is that there would continue to be absolute peace in this country. If I go to the polling station next year and some recalcitrant boys misbehave, I won’t vote.  I would come back home and take care of my grand-children, so if the government wants us to vote in the elections of next year, it must ensure that there is a peaceful atmosphere to encourage us to go and vote. Anyone who misbehaves on that day must be put under lock like a rabid dog. No man is above the law, whether tall nor short. The law is paramount and we must  all obey it”

The vilification, intimidation and insults which is gradually taking shape in our politics must be brought to a halt with immediate effect. It is shameful to see men and women of honour insult themselves on set. Why has this animosity and acrimony characterized our politics? What is the problem, and where are the men and women of sound reasoning who must bring sanity to the politics of our country. People are no longer allowed to follow relevant news items in order for them to appreciate the monumental developments which is taking place all over the country? This is very unfortunate”.

The lack of tolerance of the views and opinions of other people is the cancer which is eating deep into the unity of this country. No one is able to speak his mind because you risk taking a slap from someone who holds a contrary view. After a close observation, I have come to the conclusion that some people are deliberately trying to create an atmosphere of fear and that must not be allowed. Where there is fear, the ability of a people to give of their best is extinguished and it is the national interest which suffers under that situation and this is the number one prescription for violence, but as always righteousness shall always triumph over evil”.

If there would ever be violence in the politics of this country, it would emerge from the two dominant parties being the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC). I just cannot understand why these political parties are at each other’s throat especially when they are doing nothing to improve on the lot of Ghanaians. In their quest to share the booty amongst themselves, they won’t allow us to rest in peace. Very soon the people would draw their machetes and drive these useless men out of this country. What is all this nonsense!”

There would be no violence or war if our political leaders watch their words. Sometimes in their desperation to woo over the people to their side, they make all sorts of inflammatory statements which excite people to do the unthinkable. The armed forces must be on the alert because they have a duty and a responsibility to maintain law and order. No one is above the law and what is life if there is restrictions on the actions of other people which can prevent others from living in peace with their environment. We need also to create jobs for the younger ones so that no one would exploit their frustration towards their wicked ends.”


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