About The Evacuation Exercise And Other Developments In Libya (2)

Governments around the world are evacuating their nationals from the Northern African country of Libya after an uprising in the country which led to a brutal assault on peaceful protesters who are calling for an end to the 42 years rule of Libyan leader, Col. Muammar Al- Qathafi. Rebellion is growing across the country and there is an attack of black African amidst suspicion of they, fighting in favour of the Gaddafi regime. This is what the people of Labone, a suburb of Accra had to say.

The situation in Libya is getting worse as the days pass by and although quite a number of Ghanaian citizens in that country have been brought home, the government must take extra measures which would see to the evacuation of the others still stranded in that country. Gaddafi is getting increasingly vicious and we must get our citizens out of that country before he holds them hostage. This situation must also send signals to the people of this country that there are no greener pastures anywhere and that is why it is important that we come together and help build our country for the betterment of all.”

I have four siblings in that country (Libya) and as of now the information reaching the family here in Ghana is that, they risk losing their lives if they come on the street because ordinary Libyan citizens can easily take them for mercenaries and that alone can lead to their death. According to the information, Gaddafi is employing thugs from other countries in Africa to come and fight for him and this has led to a lot of suspicion about whether to take the man you meet on the street for a mere migrant or indeed a mercenary of Gaddafi .As we speak a number of people have died as a result of this situation. Peace must prevail in Libya!”

I have never believed that the solution to the problem of poverty is in travelling to another man’s land because of the perception that it is all rosy over there. Of course there is lots of hardship and many people are finding it very difficult to even feed themselves because there is no money. Others do not even have decent accommodation and as human beings we would always try to go places which promises access to all of the basics of life and even more and that is natural. All over this country there are young men and women endowed with skills and talents but we have not put in place measures to tap their rich resources. However, we can all see for ourselves what is happening in those countries we call haven. Everything is gone into disarray and the workers have taken up arms. Stay in your country and ask your government to create the environment for you to also prosper.”

The task of evacuating these hundreds of Ghanaians from Libya is not a joke but the situation is getting worse and we have to do something about it. The Mills administration must quickly get into partnership with all those who can give a helping hand so that our sons and daughters are not slaughtered. Ghana has done well with similar cases of evacuation over the past years and I hope President Mills will keep that record.”

The world has not been fair to Gaddafi given the development he has brought to Libya. Many of our people went there to work and came home with lots of money and that was how they built all those beautiful houses. Gaddafi has given a lot of help to many countries in Africa and we must give him solidarity. The Americans and the Israelis are those who gave him a bad name because of the close cooperation with which he worked with them and yet they are the very ones leading the charge for his overthrow. Whatever the reason Gaddafi is refusing to step down, let’s sit down with him and talk it over because from the way things are going, we would have to compensate a forceful removal of Gaddafi from power with the blood of a million people. So if we do not want that, lets do the right things by listening to him and according him some respect.”

The leaders of the African Union must let Gaddafi Know that his time has come and he must leave. This is not a conspiracy against his regime; it is the people who have asked that they be given a chance to weave their way towards a better Libya. I am completely appalled by the way and manner in which he has treated the citizens of that country since the uprising broke up. Why, does he think he is the only one who is destined to steer the affairs of that country and if that were the case, would he ever have come to power? That man must be made to know he is misbehaving and for the massacre he has unleashed onto his people, I ask that he should be dragged out of Libya like a rabid dog.”

Before we even start talking about Gaddafi, I think we should be interested in suggesting ways of bringing down all of our citizens from that country because they are suffering. They have left behind all they have toiled for these many years and we shouldn’t make matters worse by leaving them stranded in that country. All effort must be put into the evacuation process in order that no one is left to die in that country because they are our own. Ghanaians must also learn to stay here and think about how they can contribute towards building the nation. Not long ago our citizens in South Africa suffered a similar fate and most of them have still not recovered. Come back home for the country needs you.”

The reasons the government is giving us for the slow pace at which the evacuation exercise is taking place is not satisfactory. We are treating the situation as if the Ghanaians in question have gone to play a football match and just want to come home. These are people who are being fired at with missiles and machine guns mounted on top of helicopters and we are here not certain about what exactly must be done to bring them home. This delay is unacceptable and they should not forget that it is their lack of foresight and failure in planning for a prosperous country which forced some of our brothers out of the country. Let’s give hope to our people for they have sacrificed enough for this country. Today in Ghana people get out of bed without a clue of where the morning’s porridge and bread is coming from. We need to empower our people and make them take pride in being citizens of this country.”


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