About The Evacuation Exercise And Other Developments In Libya (1)

Governments around the world are evacuating their nationals from the Northern African country of Libya after an uprising in the country which led to a brutal assault on peaceful protesters who are calling for an end to the 42 years rule of Libyan leader, Col. Muammar Al- Qathafi. Rebellion is growing across the country and there is an attack of black African amidst suspicion of they, fighting in favour of the Gaddafi regime. This is what the people of Labone, a suburb of Accra had to say about the development.

The root cause of all the crises taking place across the world and especially Africa can be associated to greedy leadership. In an attempt to entrench a particular system in the society, many governments or leaders of the countries around the world are resorting to all manner of tactics and instrument in order to prevent the people from demanding what is due them. For me I believe our main contribution to the problems of the world, be it in Ghana or wherever must be for the people to adhere strictly to the constitutions of their respective countries. The constitution must be translated into languages and dialects that everyone can understand whether literate or semi-literate or completely illiterate. Most of our people in the villages have no idea about what is going on and we have a responsibility to draw them to the debate. Finally, I need someone to explain to me why it is that we wait until elections before pastors, imams, Ministers and officials of the Information Services Department go about preaching peace. That message must be rang in our minds daily.”

The problem facing this country of ours is the fact that the governments which have come and driven out have not made the responsibility of job creation theirs. Look all over the country and you would find very young and energetic men and women roaming the streets like dogs which have lost their way home. The few who are able to acquire visas just ran away often not sure what the situation of their destination would be. It is this condition which has driven many of our brothers out of this country. We need jobs in order to give meaning to the freedom we enjoy in this country.”

I do not know if it’s possible but if we can, I suggest that we take our leaders through a re-orientation exercise. I believe the books they read as part of their study when most of them travelled to the U.S and U.K has polluted their brains to levels which can be prescribed as madness but because of the suit and tire they wear, they disguise their true thinking and perception of what must be done to solve the problems confronting the country. The policies and decisions governments have made for the past 30 or more years have not addressed our plight and predicament as a people in any way. They continue pursuing the same policies which has led to mass poverty and unemployment for which reason this re-orientation of our leaders must take place now!”

It is very important that we put in place extra measures and effort into bringing home our fellow Ghanaians who have become stranded in Libya. A lot has been done over the past weeks but so long as there are some of them still living in that country, I believe they must be brought home.”

I want to suggest that apart from the evacuation of the Ghanaians who have become stranded in Libya to Accra, measures are put in place to integrate them into the society. Many of them I believe have lost touch with their families here so it would not be proper to leave them on their own once they have entered the country. At least we should give them some decent accommodation. We must all take or share in their unfortunate situation because it as a result of our inability as a people or country to address the problems of the country which has led to them fleeing the country.”

Before I say anything in relation to the situation in Libya, let me say very loud and clear that my salary as a worker is not enough. The workers in the government sector are doing much better compared to most of us working for private companies. Most of them do not pay us according to the minimum wage and even when they do, there are all manner of unreasonable deductions from our monies. I want to ask that a special board or committee is set up to look into the wages and salaries of private sector workers because our situation is very pathetic. On the situation in Libya it is only fare that we give government thumbs up for the seriousness they have attached to the evacuation exercises.”

I am pleased with the work done so far concerning our fellow brothers who got stranded in Libya but there is a lot more distance to cover. It has come to my knowledge that many more Ghanaians have poured into Egypt waiting for a flight which can bring them home and I believe that extra measures be put into the process. I also want to call on the young men and women to be a little creative in finding out what they can do in order to live and survive in this country without going to another man’s land. Migrant workers are making a lot of money in this country so I believe that with the proper things being done, we can all be able to live and realize our dreams in this great country of ours.”

The evacuation exercise must continue until each and every one of our citizens is rescued from the claws of Gaddafi. We must hold him responsible for the deaths which have occurred in that country. I do not think it was for greed or anything that our people travelled to country. They like all of us went there in search of means of survival. I strongly believe we must begin to address the serious problems which exist in this country. Every day children are being given birth to. Thousands of children are being raised at home and through schooling. Many are graduating from the tertiary institution every year and yet we have failed to create the environment or put in place structures through which they can also contribute to the development of our dear nation and this is our tumor as a nation. Until we remove it, we shall continue to suffer the pain.”


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