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REBECCA ENCHIL (AMASAMAN) When I was growing up as a little girl, the availability, scarcity or the price of fuel was not an issue because at that time there weren’t enough vehicles and the country had not seen an influx of factories or private industries that were reliant on fuel with the exception of the state owned enterprises established by Kwame Nkrumah. Most of those factories drew their energy supply from the hydro-electric dam (Akosombo). Today the story is different and all manner of machinery rely on fuel as their source of power. The daily traffic jams we see in town must give us an idea about the number of vehicles which are being driven on our roads reflecting the fast pace of economic growth. I therefore plead with the central government to put measures in place to ensure that this commodity is made readily available at all times and not at an exceedingly exorbitant cost to the consumers because it has become a necessity just like water is.”


About The Petrol Price Increase

                                     BRIGHT KYERE (POKUASE) Many people are not happy with the recent increment in the price of petroleum products for the reason that it has rendered the GHC5 note absolutely useless. One can no longer buy a gallon of petrol with that money. Not long ago a gallon of petrol was selling at GHC5.25p but now you have to buy that same gallon at GHC6.84p Currently, the difference in the price of a drum of diesel is GHC 80 compared to the previous price and I think that this is just too much. My position has always been that the government must not allow the NPA (National Petroleum Authority) alone to determine the price of fuel because they would always be blamed and would suffer the consequences.”

                                     PHILIP DZAMENU (POKUASE) As you are very much aware, a gallon of petrol is 4.5 liters and when you do a proper calculation in comparison with the old per liter price you would get GHC 5.25p, for now per liter price is 1.521and w…