On The Effusions of Nana Akufo Addo On The 2012 General Elections

The flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party in Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, speaking to party supporters at Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana is reported to have said: “The 2012 general elections would be a do or die affair.” However some Ghanaians do think otherwise. The people of Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region continue to share their views on the comments of the opposition leader.

As for me I am very certain that if violence would occur in the politics of this country then it would be because institutions of state have deliberately decided to turn a blind eye to the actions of trouble makers in society. Everyone knows very well that no matter what crime one commits if you have people in positions of power and influence, you can be sure of escape from the law and that has been the culture for a very long time. How many of the affluent in society are jailed for the crimes they commit? No matter what evidence one might have that they must have orchestrated violence, they manage to escape punishment because they have political connections or some friends in the judiciary. We keep missing the point that it is the rich who are destabilizing the country and until we are able to muster courage and deal with them violence would hardly leave politics.”

Some of us are very confused about what is happening in this country over the past months. We have always thought that politics is just about the deliberation on what we can do collectively as a people to better our conditions. Rather, I have come to the conclusion that we have always been taken for granted. We are made to have renewed faith year after year and the promises of a better future are kept trumpeted into our ears yet what dramatic changes have we seen in our lives? And as if that were not enough, just for the craving for power, these same men and women, as deceptive as anything, are able to gather courage and excite the already poor and starving man to chaos. I have told my brothers at home to think again about their involvement in this whole thing of politics because it seems to me that it isn’t about us but for the enrichment of a particular people in society.”

My only contribution to the subject of interview is that, it is high time we did away with the partisanship that has engulfed the decision making for the development of Ghana. I know of a chief of a village who can neither read nor write but yet has been appointed onto a sensitive board of a state-owned firm. Now what at all would such a person contribute towards the smooth running of such an entity? What exactly would be the reason for the appointment of such a chief onto such a board? It has become very obvious that the politicians do these things in order to have favour with these chiefs who have no capacity to determine the outcome of elections even in their own palaces. I know of a case where after the vote counting had been completed the chief’s candidate he was supporting was given a humiliating defeat in the chiefs own palace. Let us begin to inspire the people and give them hope.”

I believe we need to start thinking about how and to what limits people can exercise their freedom of speech. The insult that floods the radio and the newspapers are just getting increasingly unbearable. The discussion of the national interest has been drowned into the Atlantic Ocean and insult, slander and smearing of personalities has taken centre stage. It is only fair that I be given a right to listen to my radio every morning without being scandalized by the insults some people throw into air because of their so called right to freedom of expression. Does the host of the programmes consider how some of us feel when they entertain such insulting remarks on the airwaves and my right to listen to sound commentary? Just because by the grace of technology the means of communication has been made much accessible does not mean that any mad man in suit can just walk into a studio and vomit absolute rubbish into my ears. This utter rubbish must cease now!

It is greed which breeds violence not only in politics but in even our own homes. I know of people who would serve their aged parents a plate of meal only after his guests have eaten and drank until they can take no more. He wouldn’t mind if as a result of the joblessness of his brother, he is not able to take care of his wife and children and would demand sexual gratification from the woman before he extends the little help. It is greed which has taken the better part of the once peaceful and harmonious relationship we used to live. At a time when it was obvious that the previous administration during its time in power had rigged the 2004 general elections and there were calls on President Mills to stage a protest, he refused and allowed peace to prevail. That is the quality of a true leader who understands that, it is not all victory which must be embraced and sometimes you have to let go even when you have won and that is what defined the strength of this man.”

I want to draw attention to the National Identification Exercise that was conducted here at Ashaiman a while back. Many people did not go through that exercise and the Identification Authority must take steps to ensure that persons who were not entered into the data base are put on it. There is no need in putting a time frame on this exercise. It must be a national exercise to be conducted daily until the majority is covered.”

My greatest worry is that the press in this country no longer applies objectivity to their stories and this is a very frightening development. Many people are going into the media not because of the conviction to advocate for the finding of solution to the many problems that afflict our society, but to support people during elections and in this direction would do everything and anything including poisoning the atmosphere. Many people who do not have the capacity to determine what makes news and deserves attention fall for these garbage that is presented to them as hot cake. The political leaders of this country if indeed they are serious with us, must desist from the tribal and ethnic references they continue to make. They know very well that they need the Akyem, Ashanti, the Ga and Ewe man’s vote to win elections and yet would make references that make one inferior to the other.”

I have a problem with the way politics is run in this country and someone must help me understand it. Immediately elections are over a government emerges with its own set of policies which it wishes to implement. For no good reason we give the government all manner of headaches and deliberately construct speed rumps in its way in order for the full effect of the policies not to manifest. This attitude starts from the civil and public services which are supposed to help government carry through its policies with ease. We do this just so that the benefit of the policies are not felt and once there is no improvement in the standard of living of the people a call for change of government is then justified and the cycle goes on and on. In the long run the people, the hungry, dejected, hopeless and dissolutioned poor people are cast into a life of absolute indignation which would only drawback progress. Lets unite as a people and put away our selfish and parochial interest and help build a better Ghana for all and sundry.”


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