About The Prices of Food And Suggestions on How To Increase Food Production

Over the period, there has been marginal increases in the prices of certain food items. However, I believe the time has come for the state to have a well defined policy on food production and sustainability. We must now be able to feed ourselves and if possible export some to countries where we can find good markets. No country, especially like Ghana, must live at the mercy of another country to provide us food when we have arable lands to produce food on a very large scale to feed our people”

One observation I have made is that the price of imported rice has shot up whilst that which is produced locally is sold at a reasonable price. Apart from the aroma of the foreign rice which makes it attractive, the locally produced ones taste much delicious and that because of the very good quality of that rice. We all need to help in promoting the locally produced rice so that when its distribution takes place on a large scale, the price of rice would also fall. This is a duty and a responsibility of each and every one of us to help promote the rice our hard working farmers grow in order that they would also be happy and continue to grow more food to feed the nation. In so doing we need to stop our over-reliance on imported rice.”

There is something happening which most people do not realize. I believe the government and its agencies are trying to encourage the patronage of locally manufactured goods and that might account for the reason for the rise in the prices of imported items apart from food. Pomade and other household items which are imported have all gone up in prices. However, I believe any such programme by government would be successful only when we put in place the proper structures either to help grow indigenous business or the government itself must start the building of factories and industries all over the country which would provide for the needs of our people.”

I am a store-keeper over here and what I can say with emphasis in relation to your question is that, the prices of certain food items have witnessed appreciation in prices. For instance in this shop I sell all kinds of rice especially the imported ones. Sultana rice was selling at GHC 12 for every 5 kg last December. Now we are compelled to sell it for GHC 14. A 5kg bag of Uncle Sam’s rice was selling at GHC 11 but as we speak I sell it for GHC13 and the same goes for Gino rice which was sold at GHC13 but is now selling at GHC 15. However, locally produced rice like Special Rice is much cheaper compared to the imported ones. It is not our fault that rice has become expensive. The duty one has to pay at the ports is one of the reasons for the increment.”

Well I believe it is common knowledge that all kinds of food items come with season and because we continue to rely on rainfall as our main source of cultivation of food and given the instability we have in weather conditions, one cannot determine with accuracy the availability and the prices of food on the market. One other difficulty is that we have become accustomed to imported food items and we keep relying on them so even when there is a reduction and an  improvement in the availability of food on the market, our craving for foreign rice and all the others do not make us realize what is happening”

Well, the price of food items have changed but the products are also on the market. The only problem is that the amount of money needed to buy a particular product has gone up. It is therefore my believe that when people are employed and are paid reasonable salaries, they would be able to purchase whatever commodity they might need.”

There are many people who would want to believe that food becomes abundant in seasons but I do not believe so. In this country whether food is in season or out of season the prices of foodstuff have always remained the same because apart from the price at which farmers sell their farm produce to the market women there is also the problem of transportation cost. The recent increases in the price of fuel has had a direct effect on the price of goods and services and the effect is being felt in other areas of the economy”

Human beings need some basics of life before he can be able to contribute towards the development of the nation and access to food is one of them. Before anyone can apply his strength in any activity, food must be present in his or her stomach and that is why it is important we take steps as a country to ensure that there is always availability of food at very affordable prices. We have always lamented over the fact that millions of gallons of water from the Volta lake flows into the sea and yet we sit by and do nothing to tap this very valuable and allow this cheap resource to go waste every passing day. The leadership of this country must wake up and make the people of this country realize the need for them to work for the development of the nation.”


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