About President Mills And The Economy

Ghanaians across the length and breadth of the country are sharing their opinion on the performance of the President Mills led administration 22 months before the country goes to the polls. What the people say brings you the views of the constituents of Abeka,a suburb of Accra, about the President and the Economy;

“Three years of the President Mills led administration has had many success stories in many spheres of our national life but there are a few challenges which I believe would be addressed with time. My only worry has to do with the viciousness with which the A.M.A is hounding people who are selling by the side of the road in order to make a living. We have come from villages far and near to work so we can send something home. There are not many opportunities in the villages and that is why we have seen the need to come and work in the capital so if they drive us away, where do they expect us to go? The President must call the A.M.A boss and talk to him because he is causing a lot of bad blood for him.”

“I deal in petroleum products and I manage this filing station here at Abeka. To be quite honest , I believe the President has done marvelously well when it comes to quality healthcare and national security. I say so because before he came to power, we were compelled to close very early before night falls because of the frequency with which armed robbers attacked this station. These days we can decide to even close at 1 am without fear of attacks from robbers. But I have a concern which has to do with the recent increment of petrol prices on the international market. The price of petrol has gone up on the international market but the government is refusing to increase the prices. When the price change is accumulated for a very long time and it is increased later, that is what causes people to wail and cry. There must be an upward adjustment now.”

“From the way things are going I think with some more time the President would deliver all of his promises. There are many difficulties facing him but he has applied patience, maturity,steadfastness and I know everything would be alright soon. Anyone who has traveled across the country recently would testify to the massive road construction that is taking place in every nook and cranny. It is just a matter of time and I am sure by the time he completes his 8 years Ghana would have transformed to appreciable levels.”


“Many people are complaining there is not enough money in the country which is quite true but I think there is improvement in other sectors of the economy. With regards to education, I know there has been the construction of more classrooms in other parts of the country and parents are being encouraged to send their wards to school. With the stability we have achieved, I believe we must now start looking at how to create more jobs for Ghanaians. Although people are happy and would make good comments about the performance of the government, they think it is not doing enough when it comes to job creation.”

“I want to advice that running a country is not like managing a shop. Let us allow the President to finish his full tenure of office then we can decide what to do with him. In any case if we are to make a comparison between what is happening now and what the situation was before he came into office, it is only fair that we give him additional 4 years. For me, I think there are a few challenges we are faced with as a country but a lot of good has happened over the past 2 to 3 years and we must consider those whenever we come to talk of the performance of the President. Who doesn’t know that there has been an increase in the production of food in this country? As we speak, there is the expansion and construction of new rail networks all over the country and that is a plus. Education and health have also received some attention so why shouldn’t we give President Mills another term?

“I do not know the President but I think ever since he came to power, our business has improved very much. It is only 10 am in the morning and we have already sold 2 of the big aluminum pot of “Hausa Koko”. There is so much competition in the business but I think when one is strategic, you can also make ends meet. The national ID card for healthcare is also working very well and so the President has done well.”

“So soon Ghanaians have forgotten the hardship that was brought on this country by the previous administration. Before Kufuor left office, there was so many problems in this country that people prayed that the man left office. There was shortage of food, access to water was not available in many places and electricity was being rationed all over the place. Compare those times to what is happening now and you would easily come to appreciate the remarkable developments we have witnessed in this country. Let’s be a little objective and speak the truth so that the Almighty God would shower his blessings upon us. Professor Mills must be given another 4 years so that we can see exactly what he has done. I any case he has chased no man’s wife and I have not heard news of him having bought a hotel for his son”

“President Mills has made some good progress right from the evacuation of Ghanaians from Libya to some pressing domestic problems but there are many more expectations of him. We all do know in Ghana today, money has become short in the system and as a tailor, I have many customers who are not able to pay for the dress I sow for them. Unemployment has also become another pressing issue and we need to take steps as a country to resolve that problem. The pressure on the few people who are working has become so much because those in gainful employment have had to take care of their friends who are unemployed. We must do something about it. At least we must start the construction of factories in all the regions so that those of our brothers who are compelled to come in search of jobs in
Accra can take advantage of those factories and work there for survival.”


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