What Holds For The Future of Kwame Nkrumah's Conventions People's Party

The Nkrumaist Movement is indeed a very formidable force in Ghanaian politics, with serious pretensions of acting for and on behalf of the masses.
Since 1949, the Nkrumaist Movement has dominated the political landscape. Nobody has managed to win and hold political power without the support of the Nkrumaists.
The Convention People’s Party, the party that led Ghana to independence on 6th March 1957, would be going to congress to elect its national officers. The following is what the people had to say about the up-coming congress which would take place at the Accra Trade’s Fair Centre on the 9th and 10th of September 2011.

I believe the future of the CPP is very bright but that can only be brought about by a certain kind of person with unique qualities. The party has had turbulent times over the years and if we are to catch up with the other parties and give the people a clear alternative to national development, then we must be very interested in who takes over the Chairmanship of that party. In my candid opinion, I believe the man needed by the party at this time is Dr. Delle because of what he brings on board. He does not believe in camp politics and most of all he is a unifier.”

The CPP has gone through a lot of trials and that has given it certain recognition in world politics. If there is any opportunity to give the party another lifeline, then that would happen at the upcoming congress of the party. If we go and elect leaders that cannot perform and are only interested in treating the party as a company and a bargaining chip for their selfish interests, then there would be a problem. We must elect leaders who are visionary and can be trusted. We must elect leaders who are not tools in the hands of other people but leaders who have absolute trust and confidence in the party.
Samia is a daughter of the Osagyefo but she lacks the experience needed tackle the task ahead. What dialect is she going to communicate with the people at the grassroots? She has no firm grasp of the situation on the ground and that is a very serious issue we need to let her know. Those of us who have been there for a while are asking her to take her time and learn. She is jittery and that would not make for a certain future. Samia must subject herself to the process and attain maturity in order to fit well into the party structure. However, Nylander has made matters worse. He is the only chairman who has performed so poorly in the entire history of the CPP. Alhaji Banda mobilized and really resourced the party towards reviving the party. We have a crises situation under Nylander and that man must be driven away very quickly. He has buried the party and we must all help in bringing it back to life. Who doesn’t know that Nylander is being used by Kwesi Nduom? Akosa did not also help matters much when he declared that if Samia loses he would leave the party. Dr Delle opened about 72% of party offices and no one has done much like himself. Let’s give him the chance again because he has done it before and he can do it again.”

The time has come for each and every one of us to stand up for what is true and fair. The CPP is the only party which has gotten a solution to the myriads of problems facing this country. It is the CPP that rescued Ghana from colonialism and it the only party that can lift the economic blockade imposed on this country by the World Bank and IMF. The CPP solved the problem of unemployment of the people and every Ghanaian child had a decent place to lay his head and an opportunity to go to school without pain. For some time the party became dormant because we had a lot of charlatans maneuvering and pretending as Nkrumahists when indeed they did not have a shred of love for the party. There were a number of old men and women who should also have paved the way for the younger ones but they refused. Dr. Edmond Delle would take over the party and hand it over to the youth as we are poised for victory in election 2012. Forward ever backwards never.”

The CPP has a future because there is the emergence of new ideas out of the struggles we have carried out for many years and many are concerned about the need to continue from where Nkrumah left off. Out of the struggle would emerge a leader who would lead the party into a haven of peace and prosperity for all Ghanaians. Nkrumah once said that “out of tension being is born becoming the child of opposing forces” so the current wranglings within the party would only strengthen it to a good end. There would emerge a leadership whose ideas would be much better than what we have now and that would be a qualitative change.
I wish Samia wins the Chairmanship of the party because she has gotten genuine love and confidence in the party and that is the kind of person we need now. However it is my wish that she would resign from her position as the Member of Parliament for Jomoro so she can devote all her time towards the revival of the Convention People’s Party. The struggle continues unabated!”

There is a clamour for membership of the CPP amongst the youth of this country because that is the only party with the correct ideology and experience to help build a prosperous nation for all peoples of Africa and Ghana especially. However, there is a lot of mess which must be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Firstly, I wonder why 50 years after elections, the party cannot move with a common front. The bitterness and animosity has not made the party attractive to a number of people whose contributions would have fast tracked the entire process. We need someone who understands the history and dynamics of the party towards the rebuilding of its structures for victory in the near future. Dr. Delle has a good heart and good intensions for the youth of the party. The Sankofa Movement, Nkrumah Rising and the Movement for Social Justice only represent individuals within the party and that is not what is needed now.”

I wish to call on delegates of the CPP who would be converging at the Trade’s Fair Centre to look within themselves and do the right thing. We cannot afford to fail again given what we have gone through under the leadership of Mr. Ladi Nylander. Whatever loses we have suffered under Nylander must be a thing of the past and together with the new leadership that would be emerging, let’s help towards the building of a better CPP. We would definitely contest the 2012 general elections and that must serve as a wake-up call to each and every one of us to do whatever we can within our power to give the party a mature and qualified face which can woo the youth and the floating voters to vote massively for the party in 2012. After that the kind of structure which would work in government would be dependent on the sort of people we elect into executive positions so they must think right.”

Whatever it is that has held the legs of the CPP, this congress must get rid of it because we have suffered. All over the country people want change from the current system which has driven our people into abject poverty. All that Nkrumah built for his people has been destroyed gradually rendering our people hopeless and destitute. The time has come to give hope to our people because they are rich citizens living on lands full of gold and diamonds. The battle would be tough and hazy but we shall overcome because the spirit of the great Osagyefo still lives in us and we would triumph battle after battle until we redeem our people from the scourge of poverty and disease which has afflicted them.”

That which seeks to unite the CPP is bigger that which divides it. Dr. Delle was given the mandate and he proved his worth. He has gotten a lot of hope and confidence in the Ghanaian youth and that would be the impetus to move the party forward to victory. The times of day-dreaming are over and we must now come united as one people with a common destiny. The information coming from the grassroots is very good and it signals that Dr. Delle is cruising to victory with vigour. God bless Ghana and God bless CPP.”


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